5 Great Sports Your Kids Can Do This Summer! – Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp

Is your child going to join in the fun this summer? Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp is where youth sports live! Our day camp also helps children discover a whole bunch of fun new sports and activities to become involved in.

summer sports campWhy is participating in sports so great? Youth sports encourage healthy lifestyles, promote self-esteem, encourage teamwork, learn to overcome adversity, healthy competition and teach children to set and strive for goals. Learning these good qualities at a young age can provide great life skills later on in life. All of the sports and activities available at Adventure Valley promote these great values.

Of course, the most important part of sports is having fun – and we provide a lot of it!

Interested in finding new ways of encouraging your children to be more physically active this summer? Read our previous blog post: “Keeping Your Children Physically Active”. We offer some great insight into the importance of physical activity at a young age, as well as helpful tips to for parents to motivate their children.

Interested in learning the fun stuff your child can get into this summer? Here are a collection of fun summer sports and activities your children can get enrolled in this year.

1. The Traditional Sports

Game on! Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp have all the classic sports you grew up playing yourself! Your children can partake in several traditional sports like basketball, soccer, flag football, baseball, track and field, tennis and ball hockey. These sports all offer great ways to let your children stay active and have fun. Our counsellors are there to promote teamwork and good sportsmanship. No matter the skill level, there is a great match waiting for all of our campers to participate in!

archery summer day camp2. Archery

Archery teaches focus, strength, balance, self-discipline and coordination. Most of all, it builds self confidence. Nothing is more gratifying and self-fulfilling than finally hitting a bullseye. Despite what you may think, archery is one of the safer summer activities there is. Let your child find the hidden Robin Hood inside!

3. Fencing

Engarde! Once your child masters the art ranged combat with archery, they can get up close and personal with our fencing course! Fencing combines the physical activity your child needs, with the acute strategic sense required to figure and overcome your opponent. Like archery, fencing is a discipline that teaches, balance and coordination.

horseback riding camp toronto4. Horseback Riding

And they’re off to the races! Not only is horseback riding a fun experience, it’s also teaches a great lesson in responsibility. Your child will learn their large companion how to take care of an animal and interact with them. After our summ er horseback riding camp, your child will be filled with self-esteem, confidence, and a new companion.

5 . Wakeboarding & Water Sports

It’s time to make a splash! Wakeboarding and waterskiing are great ways to get some exercise, create stronger arm and leg muscles, and improve coordination and balance. Not only is our summer wakeboarding camp a huge blast, your children also learn vital swimming skills and water safety.

Fun Sports Live At Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp In Toronto

So what sport is your child going to get up to this summer? The sports programs we offsummer sports camp torontoer at Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp are there to engage your active children. We also provide a lot of other summer activities that combine for an unforgettable camp experience.

So if you’re wondering if your child is going to have a positive and satisfied day camp experience this summer, Adventure Valley Day Camp has got you covered! Summer camp registration is coming soon. Be sure to register your child for summer day camp while bookings are still available!