7 Classic Summer Camp Movies!

Looking to get your children even more excited for their time at camp? Break out the popcorn for a great evening with some of these hilarious and relatable summer camp movies!
The Parent Trap
The Parent Trap
Released: July 29, 1998
Rated PG
Dennis Quaid, Lindsay Lohan

Whether it’s the original 1961 film or the Disney 1998 remake, both versions of the Parent Trap are fun and charming. A set of twins (both played by Lindsay Lohan) that were separated at birth and are from different walks of life coincidentally meet at a summer camp. We then get to watch the pair get to know each other and get into all kinds of typical camp trouble while doing it. The core message of the movie lies in two people putting aside their differences and uniting to accomplish a common goal: to bring their divorced parents back together.
Released: February 7th, 1995
Rated PG
Ben Stiller, Keenan Thompson, Jeffrey Tambor

Heavy in weight and hilarious content, this Judd Apatow movie is sure to keep everyone in your family laughing the whole night through. While it does feature an over-the-top camp counselor (Ben Stiller) teasing overweight children, it redeems with the heart of the story, which is all about kids finding their inner confidence and believing in themselves.

Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom
Released June 29th, 2012
Rated PG – 13
Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Bruce Willis

Are you ready for the quirkiest of summer camp adventures? Wes Anderson has developed a surreal style that may go over your child’s head, however, they will still appreciate the charm of the story! It features an awkward yet brave boy who falls in love and vows to run away from his summer camp with his 12-year old female counterpart. The film features an offbeat type of family-friendly humour and features a lot of comedic talent.
Ernest Goes To Camp
Ernest Goes to Camp
Released May 22, 1987
Rated PG
Jim Varney

Within the adventurous “Ernest” series, he’s gone to Jail, saved Christmas, and gone back to school, but perhaps his favourite adventure of all was the time he went to camp.  This story, full of the same slapstick comedy and general goofiness as the others, features a hapless counselor who takes a pack of delinquent summer campers under his wing. Together they try to save the camp from destruction from an evil industrialist and ultimately corporate greed.

Adams Family Values Addams Family: Family Values
Released November 19th, 1993
Rated PG-13
Christopher Lloyd, Joan Cusack, Christina Ricci

Da-nuh-nuh-nuh *clap clap*. This time on the Addams Family, Morticia and Gomez watch their children head off to Camp Chippewa! The story revolves around the new arrival of a baby into the family, and the children’s desire to get rid of it. While the Addams’ can deal with some very dark themes, in their own weird way, they endearingly teach us about the value of family.

Camp RockCamp Rock Released June 20th 2008
Rated TV-G
Demi Lovato, The Jonas Brothers

Is your child a secret (or not so secret) budding rock star? This loveable Disney movie features some of the young stars who are heavy hitters in today’s music scene (Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato). The story features a quiet, unassuming kitchen staff worker who is overheard by a popular teen idol, and becomes a star at their kids’ camp for the musically gifted. This movie reminds us to always be confident in ourselves, and that beauty can be found everywhere and in everyone.

Camp NowhereCamp Nowhere
Released August 26, 1994
Rated PG
Christopher Lloyd

When he’s not engaging in his Back to the Future shenanigans, Christopher Lloyd plays a no-good drama teacher who’s blackmailed by his misfit students – they get him to convince their parents to pay him to take them to a made-up camp for the summer! The hilarity really ensues when their parents plan to visit, and everyone is forced to actually create this summer camp. This movie teaches us the importance of being honest, and the value of sticking together.


While we can’t (and wouldn’t necessarily want to!) promise your children will have similar adventures, we hope these movies will pump them up and teach them that anything is possible at camp! For more information about AV, feel free to read some of our frequently asked questions or contact us today!