Parents, understandably, have an unlimited number of questions when it comes to sending their kids to camp – so we wanted to address the topics they’ve been asking about most lately!

What are your camper to staff ratios?

Romper (just finished N) and Hopper (just finished JK) cabins have 3 counselors and a max of 12 campers, so it is a max ratio of 1:4. However, we try to keep the cabins at around 10 campers to optimize this ratio.

Skipper (just finished SK) and above have 2 counselors and a max of 12 campers, making the max ratio 1:6. And the same thing applies – we make smaller cabins if possible!

In addition, we have our specialty staff running most activities. This means there is an extra person with the cabin group. When you add in our senior staff, specialty staff and swim staff, our overall camp ratio is 1:3!

When it comes to the pool, the ratios are the same, but with swim instructors instead of counselors. These instructors have their Water Safety Instructors certification from Canadian Red Cross. Of course we also have our lifeguards on deck.

What does my kid do on the bus for an hour? 

The camp fun starts as soon as the kids are picked up! Each bus is named after a different dog breed (i.e. Schnauzer bus, Beagle bus, etc.), and has staff helping to get the campers comfortable and excited. Every Friday we have spirit contests between busses; the counselors and campers work on their cheers and bus decoration all week in preparation for the big competition, and the winners get Radtagz that say Top Dawg!

How old are your staff?

Our staff body ranges from grade 10 (16 or turning 16) to adults. We ensure that there’s always one older staff per cabin (defined as someone entering first year post-secondary). All of our staff members go through an application process including both a written component and an interview. They are extremely passionate about working with children (most with previous camp or babysitting experience) – and we train all of them before camp to ensure they’re well prepared to take care of your kids!

What’s a typical day of camp like?

There are 7 50-minute periods in a day. 5 of these constitute different activities, while the other 2 are for swim and lunch. Activities will differ by age group, but examples include: Archery (older campers only), Arts and Crafts, Pottery, Recording Studio, Musical Madness (younger campers only), Play Doh Fun Factory (younger campers only), Nature, Co-operative Games, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Cartooning and Cooking.

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For a full list of our FAQ and answers, please visit our site! And don’t hesitate to call us at anytime: (905) 731-CAMP (2267).