5 Ways Children Benefit from Summer Day Camps

What’s your child doing this summer? When the final school bell rings, your children’s schedule for 2 months opens right up. Are you hoping for it to be filled with physical activity and more learning? If so, Adventure Valley Day Camp in Toronto has a wide array of summer programs that promote physical activity, learning, and an array of other benefits for both you and your children. Here are a couple benefits you can expect to gain from enrolling your child in summer day camp.

1. Unplugging from technology

During the summer months especially, active play time tends to take a back seat to screen time. Children now spend upwards of 6 hours a day using technology, which only increases during the summer break. This is causing their creativity, sensory and motor skill development, self-regulation and attention skills to suffer. Summer camp can help to fight that by being a technology-free zone for your children.

2. Fostering independence

Summer camps give children the opportunities to begin making their own decisions and become more independent in a safe environment. Camp counsellors encourage your children your children to create relationships, make choices, and develop self-confidence. Building self-confidence early on in a child’s life will lead to success later in their life where independence is key.

toronto summer day camp3. Building friendships

Without the social expectations often experienced at school, at summer camp, kids are able to relax and act more naturally allowing them to make better friends. Being able to spend time with children outside of their normal circle of school friends helps to build and strengthen new friendships. Often, friends made at camp have the tendency to turn into lifelong relationships.

4.  Continuing learning

Children spend roughly 10 months of the year stimulated and learning in the classroom. When they are off for the two months of summer, their learning can suffer. This often creates a struggle for returning back to school the following year. This process is often referred to as the summer learning gap. Summer camp keeps your kids minds sharp as they continue learning throughout the summer. Although not in the typical classroom setting with standard topics,  children learn in three main areas at camp, personal, social and physical. Those 3 topics, along with the outdoor skills they learn, kids are able to keep their minds sharp throughout the summer months.

summer day camp toronto5. Encouraging Healthy Activity

Almost one-third of Canadian children are overweight. This has to do both with an increase in technology use, unhealthy eating habits, and a decrease in outdoor and physical activity. Today, roughly 3 out of every 4 adolescents are getting the required 1 hour of exercise a day. With a variety of summer activities for youths of all ages, day camps help to fight child obesity by ensuring that children are getting more than the required amount of physical activity.

Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp in Toronto

There are now a variety of different camp styles you can choose from including; educational, sports, religious or traditional camps. Adventure Valley Day Camp alone offers a variety of programs, including traditional, sports, speciality and year-round camp programs that are geared to keeping your children engaged, active, learning, and having fun.

With such a wide variety to choose from and a knowledge of so many great benefits, we know that Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp in Toronto is the best choice for both you and your children.