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Top 7 Tips For Motivating First Time Campers With Anxiety

camper with anxiety

We both know your child is going to enjoy the fun and activities at Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp. It’s clear when looking at the happy faces in our gallery or looking at the fun programs we offer that Adventure Valley has all the fun your child is looking for this summer. However, unless your…

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5 Ways Children Benefit from Summer Day Camps

gta summer day camp

What’s your child doing this summer? When the final school bell rings, your children’s schedule for 2 months opens right up. Are you hoping for it to be filled with physical activity and more learning? If so, Adventure Valley Day Camp in Toronto has a wide array of summer programs that promote physical activity, learning,…

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Camp Kids are Resilient Kids

According to Psychology Today and Psychologist Michael Ungar (Ph.D.), sending your kids to sleepover or day camp will help them become very resilient to life stress ahead. Michael conducted a study in which he spoke to 300 camp directors about how to make kids more resilient to stress, and he discovered that summer camps are…

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AVDC2017: Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, understandably, have an unlimited number of questions when it comes to sending their kids to camp – so we wanted to address the topics they’ve been asking about most lately! What are your camper to staff ratios? Romper (just finished N) and Hopper (just finished JK) cabins have 3 counselors and a max of…

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Top 10 Photos from Summer 2016

Each summer we take oodles and oodles of pictures, and each photo is awesome in its own way – but there will always be a few that stand out above the rest. Whether it’s the smiles, the costumes, the poses, or the facial expressions, there are some features that just make a moment undeniably and forever…

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Let’s Get Rad!

This past summer the newest kids’ accessory took camp by absolute storm. Introducing…RaDTaG bracelets! They way these bracelets worked is everyone in camp (staff included!) was given an AV-branded silicone band that’s meant to be decorated with themed tags. Everyone then went about their daily activities trying to earn relevant tags for specific things they…

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Q&A with Honey Bee!

Honey Bee is one of AV’s latest and greatest staff members. She experienced her first summer at AV this year, and then decided to stick around and help out in the off-season! Here’s the scoop: How did you first hear about camp? Did you go to any camp as a kid? I first heard about…

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