Enjoy the AV Camp Experience!

Make Halloween Spooky, Not Scary

Halloween is an exciting time of year for all (kids = trick or treating, adults = trick or treat leftovers (shh)) ­– but inevitably there are some safety issues when it comes to being out on the streets on this long-anticipated holiday.                           …

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Autumn Activities You’ll Fall For

It’s time to face reality – summer has come to an end – but that doesn’t mean all fun has! Each season presents us with something new and exciting, so we want to help you keep the camp spirit alive all year long! When you think of fall, you probably think of the 3 L’s:…

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Are Your Children Getting Enough Exercise?

As screen time continues to replace physical activity more and more, our children’s physical activity will continue to suffer. In fact, today, only 9% of Canadian children from the ages of 5 to 17 are receiving the 60 minutes of heart pumping exercise they require each day. A Healthier Life We all know that regular exercise…

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4 Ways You Can Better Your Child’s Posture

Growing up, you were probably constantly reminded about your poor posture. You were told time and again to keep your shoulders up, not to slouch, and to sit up straight. While some may have brushed off the advice, deeming it “nagging”, those who kept true to it over the years are likely the benefactors of straighter…

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Overcome The Summer Learning Gap


School’s out for the summer! We all remember the anticipation we had as children as we waited for the clock to reach the final moments of the semester. After all, we had dreamed all school year of the excitement for the warmer weather and fun of getting back to our summer camps. But, when thinking about…

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7 Classic Summer Camp Movies!

Camp Nowhere

Looking to get your children even more excited for their time at camp? Break out the popcorn for a great evening with some of these hilarious and relatable summer camp movies! The Parent Trap Released: July 29, 1998 Rated PG Dennis Quaid, Lindsay Lohan Whether it’s the original 1961 film or the Disney 1998 remake,…

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Video games: How much is too much?

Adventure Valley Video Games

We, like most campers’ parents, remember the good old days shooting 8-bit ducks from the sky, helping Mario save Princess Peach, and blowing into cartridges with the hopes of making them work. Today, over 90% of children play some form of video game. Countless hours every day are spent furiously tapping their phone or tablet,…

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Passover and March Break Camps (Toronto + York Region)

Many kids in the GTA have a March and/or Passover holiday break from school, yet there are only a few organized programs for children to participate in during these times.   Adventure Valley Day Camp offers both a March Break Camp and <a href="https://www.adventurevalleydaycamp Visit This Link.com/programs/passover-camp/”>Passover Break Camp that operate on our unique Choose Your…

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Choosing Summer Camp

Toronto offers many summer camps for children; the choice parents have is almost overwhelming! What’s helpful when choosing a camp for your kids is to talk with the camp directors to get a sense for how their camp suits your child 20 mg prozac. Although most camps are great and many are similar, every child…

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Let’s Celebrate Your Birthday!

Looking for a new concept for your kids’ birthday parties? What about a custom designed indoor and outdoor party at a multi-functional facility? Simply pick your theme, and our amazing staff will design a fitting program that can include crafts, lego, martial arts, dance, music, swimming (depending on the time of year), campfires, field games, sports, Dora…

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