Are Your Children Getting Enough Exercise?

As screen time continues to replace physical activity more and more, our children’s physical activity will continue to suffer. In fact, today, only 9% of Canadian children from the ages of 5 to 17 are receiving the 60 minutes of heart pumping exercise they require each day.

2A Healthier Life

We all know that regular exercise and a proper diet gives way to several benefits. While engaging in exercise helps your child develop stronger muscles and bones, they’re also burning calories, keeping their weight under control, getting more sleep, fostering self-esteem, and decreasing their risk of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. Physical activity can help contribute to success in school, and other areas of life as well.

In a study released by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, it’s projected that the obesity rate of all Canadian adults will reach 21% in 2019. The best way to ensure your child leads a healthy lifestyle well into adulthood is to get them started on the right track early 80 mg prozac.

Summer is when your child’s schedule opens up, so it’s important to make sure their days aren’t spent on the couch! Filling their summer schedule with sports, healthy activity, or getting them involved in a summer day camp will help motivate them to get movin’!

How to Motivate Your Children

Confiscating their iPads and turning off the TV aren’t always the most effective methods to get your kids outside (we can hear the arguments starting already!). Instead, we need to find ways to intrinsically motivate our children to participate in healthy activities.

1. Giving them the opportunity

When your child finds a physical activity they love, you can make sure they stick to it by providing regular access to facilities, proper equipment, and a partner to get involved with (that’s you!). 

2. Keeping it Fun

When exercise is turned into a game with an end goal, it’s much easier for your kids to enjoy the physical activity they’re doing – especially when they’re doing it with friends! It’s also important for children to experience the concept of healthy competition, so enrolling them in a community sports program is a great way to accomplish all of these goals. 

3. The Right Kind of Involvement2a

Monkey see, monkey do; whatever your children see you doing, they will try to do themselves. Because you’re your child’s biggest role model, by eating right and finding healthy activities you can do together, you’re setting a great example for your children – and eventually their own kids! As of now, only 36% of Canadian parents have reported that they play active games with their kids. Spread the word and let’s bring these numbers up!

Where Can I Start?

An easy way for your child to find their favourite heart-pumpin’ activity is to be exposed to many at once! With our Choose your own Adventure program, your child can participate in oodles of different activities tailored to their unique interests. Your child’s schedule will be full of different sports that are designed to keep them on the move. We also offer a variety of specialty camps like golf, horseback riding and water sports that your kids will love!

Since we know that 91% of our children are not getting the right amount of physical activity, but we also know how to decrease that statistic, let’s get on it! Whether it’s a fitness class you take together at the gym, a weekend sports program, or a summer full of fun activities at Adventure Valley Day Campyou have the power to start instilling long-lasting healthy habits in your child today!