Choosing Summer Camp

Toronto offers many summer camps for children; the choice parents have is almost overwhelming! What’s helpful when choosing a camp for your kids is to talk with the camp directors to get a sense for how their camp suits your child 20 mg prozac. Although most camps are great and many are similar, every child has different needs that each camp will cater to in their own way. For example, your child loves tennis – will they thrive in and enjoy a more relaxed, mutli-sport camp, or would they prefer a more intensive specialized tennis camp?

If your child hasn’t expressed interest in a specialty camp and you’re simply looking for the most well-rounded experience for them, we encourage you to chat with us about Adventure Valley! As we talk through your child’s preferences and what we offer to accommodate that, we can decide if it’s a good match, and discuss how to make sure your child(ren) have the best camp experience possible.

My kids love it and as a parent I love it. Adventure Valley is an amazing place for kids to get a camp experience that blends the natural scenery surrounding the camp with the multitude of athletic programs on the property. The counselors, staff and owners are all exceptionally friendly and approachable. The facilities are clean and modern and provide all different types of activities depending on the children’s interest levels.

                                                                                                                                        – David Wasserman (Happy Parent)