AV Learning Pods

After a very successful summer (13 weeks of camp, 497 campers and NO COVID cases!), Adventure Valley is ready to offer a Learning Pods program for parents & caregivers who are not ready to send their child(ren) back to traditional school.

Adventure Valley Learning Pods was created for parents & guardians who have concerns around sending their children into the classroom. Recognizing that much of that hesitation comes from being in a closed room with large class sizes, we created AV Learning Pods which will have up to 10 children of similar grades. Our small class pods will be learning and playing together, in larger spaces and with much of that time out of doors.

We are flexible, and understand that online learning looks different for each child, each class, and each school board. With our small numbers and dedicated staff, we make sure that each child is available to attend all their lessons and completes all their work, while ensuring those who are done their online learning for the day have engaging outdoor programming.

A typical day will consist of:

  • Supervised Online Learning
    Our Learning Pods program is intended for children who are signed up for distance learning with their school board. Online Learning Sessions will be supervised by our staff, who will help students with their school work and ensure they are completing all assignments on time. Each child must bring their own wifi-enabled device.
  • Outdoor Education
    Our staff have organized fun and educational activities, all taking place outdoors! Some activities are based on various units in the Ontario curriculum, other activities teach our campers outdoor skills (i.e. tree identification, how to build a camp fire, etc.)
  • Lunch, Snack, and Outdoor Free Play!
    Each day campers will receive snack breaks as well as a lunch break. While it is warm enough to be outside, we will be eating outdoors. Once the weather gets colder, we will eat indoors, creating physically distant spaces between children.
    Designated time outdoors (educational and recreational) will continue even if it is lightly raining!

Drop off and Pick Up
Drop off is between 8:50 and 9:05am and pick up between 3:50 and 4:05pm.


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Winter Learning Pods Session 2

February 16, 2020 - April 30, 2021 (10 weeks)

Closed for Family Day (February 15), March Break (March 15-19), Good Friday (April 2) and Easter Monday (April 5)

$4 050 + HST

Students in grades 1 - 6

9:00 to 4:00 Monday to Friday


1) Do I have to sign up my child for the full 10 weeks? Are there part-time options available?
Unfortunately, we can only offer Learning Pods for children attending five days per week for the full 10 weeks. This is to ensure we have the same cohort of children coming each day, minimizing exposure to potential COVID-19 cases for each child.

2) If schools revert back to distance learning only, can my child join then?
We cannot guarantee that we will have space available for late registrations; we are committed to keeping our pods small, and ensuring plenty of indoor space to allow for physical distancing. However, feel free to call and check!

3) If schools revert back to distance learning only, will you even be running? If not, will you offer refunds in this case?
We are running our Learning Pods program as long as we are allowed to do so by government guidelines (we are not a school and follow a different set of rules). If we must cancel the program due to a government mandated shut down, we will refund any monies paid for our program as of the following week to the shut down. Ie: if the government closes the program on a Tuesday, refunds will be calculated based on monies owed as of the following Monday. We cannot offer partial week refunds.

4) What precautions will be in place to protect my child from COVID-19?

  • Children will be screened each day with questions from Ontario Public Health. Their temperature will also be taken with a contactless thermometer. Any child showing symptoms or high fevers will be sent home, and a negative COVID-19 test will be required to return to camp.
  • Campers will be in small pods of 8-10 children. Different pods will not share spaces or equipment. We will only ever have one pod in a room at a time.
  • Campers will be taught proper hand-washing techniques, and will be washing their hands between each activity/learning block. Hand sanitizer will be available in abundance. Campers will be reminded to avoid touching their faces.
  • All common touch points (water fountains, washrooms, door handles, etc.) will be sanitized multiple times per day.
  • All staff will remain distant from the children, as much as possible. If a child needs help with something that requires touch, staff will sanitize before and after. Staff will always wear masks inside, and will wear masks outdoors if they are less than six feet away from the children.
  • Of course, as much time as possible is spent outdoors - the safest place to be!

5) What deposit is required to save my child's spot? When are the rest of the fees due?
There is a $500 deposit with the balance of the fees due before the session begins.

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