This past summer the newest kids’ accessory took camp by absolute storm. Introducing…RaDTaG bracelets! They way these bracelets worked is everyone in camp (staff included!) was given an AV-branded silicone band that’s meant to be decorated with themed tags. Everyone then went about their daily activities trying to earn relevant tags for specific things they achieved.


Tell me more! You got it. There are four ways to earn these tags:

1) If a camper showed considerable skill or improved greatly in a certain sport, they’d receive a sports tag.

2) When a camper excelled at an activity other than sports, or a staff member went above and beyond for a camper, they’d receive a SuperStar tag.

3) If campers were on the top three busses that won our weekly spirit competition, they received “Top Dawg” tags.

4) And lastly…the most sought-after tag: The Silly Banana. This tag is only awarded on Fridays, and is given to campers and staff who show up to camp in the best costumes!


Additionally, to personalize the bracelets even more, generic tags like emojis and hashtags were available for purchase in the tuck shop. Campers and staff now walk around with the bracelets showing off who they are and being proud of what they’ve accomplished. And not only are they stylish – they’re a great conversation starter!

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When it comes to applications outside of camp, of course  they can be used in any children’s setting as a motivator, but the founder of the company sees big things in the fields of philanthropy and activism. Check out the website for more details – and to order your own!