Make Halloween Spooky, Not Scary

Halloween is an exciting time of year for all (kids = trick or treating, adults = trick or treat leftovers (shh)) ­– but inevitably there are some safety issues when it comes to being out on the streets on this long-anticipated holiday.

safetysign                          witch

Factors such as the night sky, dark costumes (shout out to vampires and witches!), and people wearing masks, all contribute to compromised vision for both people celebrating and people driving. Pedestrian accidents occur much more often on this night than the rest of the year, so we want to give you a few tips for ensuring your kids are seen this Halloween:


1. Reflective Materials

Have your kids wear fluorescent tape (found at Canadian Tire and Walmart) or reflective clothing that bikers often wear at night. You can even get creative together and try to incorporate it into their costume! Construction Worker, anyone?


2. Flickering Lights

Whether it’s a head lamp with multiple settings or the increasingly popular laser finger beams (found at Dollarama and most party stores), you can get your kids to understand that wearing a small light can make a big difference.



3. Glow Jewelry

Who doesn’t love glow sticks?! A simple bend and then a snap into place almost anywhere on the body, this ingenious invention is an easy and fun way to grab the attention of drivers and other trick-or-treaters. These can also be found at Dollarama and your closest party store.

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4. Designated Crossing Guard

If your kids are old enough to trick-or-treat without a parent supervisor, designate a ‘leader’ of the group to ensure the road is clear every time the gang wishes to cross. Everyone should be looking both ways, but it can never hurt to double and triple check. #bettersafe

The more of these measures you can take, the better! We hope everyone has a happy, safe, spooky, sugary, creative, fun and wild Halloween! Don’t forget to share costumes with us on our Facebook page 🙂