Leadership Training Program (Grades 7 & 8)

Our Leadership Training program runs for campers finishing grades 7 and 8.
(For Summer 2021, those born in 2007 & 2008)
Some key skills we develop during the Trainee program are:
  • Working with children of various age groups
  • Planning activities for children of various age groups
  • Leadership at camp and beyond
  • Communication at camp and beyond
  • Professionalism as a young person in a volunteer environment

Our Trainee Head provides engaging learning opportunities through seminars, games, activities and more.

Trainees also go on "Placement", where they shadow a member of our staff team and learn on the job! They are evaluated each week and feedback is provided in a constructive manner so that they can continue growing and improving. Trainees are able to request their ideal placement, and the Trainee Head will try their best to match everyone accordingly.

A Trainee usually spends about half their time with the others their age (a combination of team-building, learning sessions, camp activities and their courses), and half the time on placement.

Trainees also complete a course each session (options vary, previous courses have included the Babysitter's Course, Standard First Aid, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross).
At the end of the program Trainees will receive a certificate indicating that they have finished the requirements of the program. If they pass an outside course they will also receive a certificate from that certifying body (i.e. Red Cross or Lifesaving Society). We can also act a reference for any volunteer or paid position graduated Trainees may apply for.
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