Traditional Summer Day Camps


Nursery - SK

Here’s a little fun summer day camp lingo for you! Rompers are our campers who are nursery aged. Hoppers are what we call our campers who have completed JK and Skippers are our campers who have completed SK.

Our youngest campers enjoy a close knit cabin group experience having access to all the different age appropriate activities our camp has to offer. Our campers are supervised by caring and spirited staff who spend the day engaged and involved, assisting our campers to acquire new skills. We use the “W.O.W” approach to camper supervision – With Over Watch – our staff are actively ‘WITH’ their campers, not ‘WATCHing’ from a far. Campers will have a 3 to 1 ratio of campers to staff plus 1 or 2 additional staff while each group is at an activity led by our specialty staff.



Grades 1-2

For campers completing Grade 1 & 2 we have an amazing line up of activities that introduce your camper to a wide variety of disciplines. Creative Arts, Theatre Arts, Traditional Sports, Adventure Sports, Music and Science/Nature.

Grouped by age and gender, our Jumper unit enjoys a close connection with their counselors and cabin mates while exploring all the fun that AV offers each day.




Grades 3-6

Senior Camp campers are given the privilege of choosing their afternoon activities each and every week! At this age, your camper knows what activities they love most and we want to empower them to make their experience at AV absolutely spectacular. This is aptly called Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) not for Summer 2020.

As part of CYOA your camper is placed in a cabin group with other campers of the same age and gender for the morning rotations, meals and a Swimming Lessons, but will follow their personalized schedules each afternoon Tuesday through Thursday. Our cabin counsellors assist in different specialty areas but meet up with their cabin groups for sunscreen re-application, lunch and dismissal.



Grades 7-8

Your first leadership experience should be in a supportive and fun environment. This is what our Trainee program is all about. Dedicated staff work with our trainees to enhance their self esteem and nurture budding leadership skills. They will learn about setting and meeting goals and will have an opportunity to help out in various areas at camp. Trainees will build confidence and friendships that will stay with them for a lifetime. 

Our Leadership program is limited in number to ensure each participant receives timely feedback and opportunities to get involved in all areas of camp.


Grade 9

For students who have completed Grade 9, we offer an apprenticeship program that welcomes them to summer day camp to begin the process of transitioning from camper to staff. Apprentices volunteer their time to explore different roles withing the camp and assist with our full time staff in the day-to-day fun. These volunteer hours will be acknowledged for high school community service hours.

Our Apprentice program requires a minimum two-week commitment and is limited to twelve chosen students per session.

Students are encouraged to apply online through our staff web page to secure their space as an Apprentice at Adventure Valley!

Start Building Memories That Will Last a Lifetime.