Q&A with Honey Bee!

Honey Bee is one of AV’s latest and greatest staff members. She experienced her first summer at AV this year, and then decided to stick around and help out in the off-season! Here’s the scoop:

How did you first hear about camp? Did you go to any camp as a kid?

I first heard about AV through a friend who was a previous staff member during the summer of 2015. As a kid I never really had the full camp experience (unless you count Boys and Girls Club or church overnight camp), but camp was always something that I wished I could be a part of.

How long have you been going to AV? What have your different roles been?

My first year was actually this past summer, 2016, and I was a camp counselor for the junior camp. I wish I had heard about it earlier – applying for this job was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What do you love about it?

What I love about being a part of AVDC is the closeness you experience with the campers, as well as the feeling of being one yourself – just with a few extra responsibilities. It’s a place where you learn a lot but have so much fun at the same time. Being in the atmosphere alone can make your day, and the people you’re surrounded with…you never know…they can make a big impact on you.



How has camp shaped you?

Camp has made me more confident, and has helped me to refine my leadership skills on so many levels. I believe all of this has made me more mature as well.

You’re here full time this year – what led you to that decision?

I decided to take a gap year before starting school, so naturally I was in search of a job. Luckily I was approached by the Program Director who knew my circumstances during the summer, and voilà!

What advice would you give potential staff members that are deciding between camp and an internship/job?

In my opinion, if you love children, AV is the place for you. It may not be an overnight camp but you still get the full experience. If you have the opportunity to take an internship/job and you love what you’re doing, then that’s great and that’s all that matters. But at camp I learned lots of skills you can learn on the job – confidence, leadership, organization, thinking on your feet, creativity, problem-solving, etc… and had tons of fun while doing it!

Thanks for your time, Honey Bee!