MAY 21, 2020

First we’d like to send you some big camp cheer! We are all in need of sunshine, warmth, and the fun of summer! There was slightly positive news from Premier Doug Ford’s announcement on Tuesday, as he indicated that Day Camps will likely happen this summer. However, it is still somewhat unclear on some of the requirements for a day camp to open, such as: group size, number of individuals on site and and most importantly if/when we can start.

As we wait, we are busy readjusting our camp programs and procedures. Once day camps are given the go-ahead, we wish to provide a fun and safe program for our families. Our primary goal in our restructuring is to minimize the exposure of campers to other campers/staff not in their group.
We are still waiting for a formal confirmation of our requirements, but based on our conversation with our local health inspectors this is what we are planning:
1. Reduced total number of individuals on site by approximately 75%
2. Smaller cabin groups, likely 4 - 5 campers with 1 staff or 7 - 8 campers with 2 staff, depending on public health recommendations
3. Strict sessions, with no partial sessions available, to minimize campers coming and going from groups
We are offering the following sessions:
Session 1: June 15 to 26 (2 weeks) (this is unlikely but set in place just incase)
Session 2: June 29 to July 24 (4 weeks)
Session 3: July 27 to August 21 (4 weeks)
Session 4: August 24 to September 4 (2 weeks)
If a session can not start on time due to Provincial or Local orders, then that session will be reduced by the corresponding weeks.
4. Eliminating contact between groups:
Each group will have one designated shaded area outside, with its own picnic table, sport, art and cleaning supplies. All access to the building will be permanently open, so no doors are touched. Most of the programming will occur outside, with activity instructors coming to groups' areas, but maintaining physically distant while leading their activities.
5. Additional Cleaning/Disinfecting Procedures:
There will be additional outdoor hand washing stations around camp, with additional staff cleaning any equipment or surfaces that has been touched before the next group comes. We will be screening each camper and staff as they come on site. Other individuals, including caregivers, will not be able to come on to the campgrounds. Proper hand-washing will be taught, and counsellors will require their campers to wash their hands before and after each activity, at a minimum.
6. Swim:
We will only use our small pool every other day for a fun swim. There will only be one group in the pool at one time, again to minimize campers coming in contact with any other individuals outside of their own cabin group. We are not able to offer swimming lessons this summer.
7. Siblings:
We will group siblings of different ages where there is not a very big age difference and the siblings want to be together, by parent request (again, to try and minimize exposures per camper).
8. Behavioural Management:
For the safety of all the individuals on site, we can not have campers running off from their group or not following safe procedures instructed by their counsellors. As a result, we will have a strict behaviour policy at camp, with no exceptions.
9. Transportation:
We will not be able to provide busing to and from camp, as that would expose campers to many other campers not in their cabin groups.
Likewise, we will not be able to provide extended care.
We will be creating 3 drop off and pick up times per family and by their group(s), to minimize crowding. Campers will be picked up and dropped off in a kiss-and-ride system directly from family cars. Families will be asked their preferred camp timing upon registration.
8:30am - 3:30pm
9:00am - 4:00pm
9:30am - 4:30pm
11. Rain:
We have developed a safe plan when it rains, again to ensure that no groups bump into or cross paths with another group. However, if the forecast for a particular day looks like a lot of rain, we may cancel the whole day in advance.
In Summary
We feel we have a plan in place that would be effective and safe, but all we can do is wait and hope there is a positive trend downwards in new cases of COVID-19. We will then need the Province to move to the next stage and then have our health inspectors sign off on our plan.
In the mean time, we are allowing families who wish to join us at camp to register to get on our list. Because we do not know what our capacity will be, we are placing each camper on a list based on the date their deposit was received. Families who have already registered for camp will be receiving an email this week confirming or adjusting your session dates. Once we have public health's guidance on our capacity we will confirm spots with each family.
All the best, stay safe - we will update you as soon as we can!
Kevin, Robyn and Ashlee

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