Happy Camper Testimonials


"The summer of 2012 was my youngest daughter's first camp experience. From the first day, she got on the bus and felt comfortable and secure leaving home and going to camp. Originally she was only registered for 1 month, but we ended up extending her 2 weeks. She loved camp, she loved being a big girl, and she loved her counselors.
Thank you AV for such a great first experience"

- Shari Shaicovitch

"I was referred to Adventure camp by one of my friend who had her 2 kids for many years at this camp. This is the second year that my nephew is going to this summer camp. He enjoys it very much! They have full attention, care and amazing program for the kids. I highly recommend Adventure camp to everyone who wants their kids to be in a good care."

- Isabelle Dastranj

"Amazing camp! My 3 kids had a great summer last year and will be going back for another summer this year. Creative programming and great staff, my kids came home everyday with a smile and plenty of exciting things to tell us. I felt safe sending my kids there I never worried as they are very organized and made sure with communication notes, pictures etc we were well informed of all the exciting adventures they had.

Looking forward to next summer!"

- Lopez Fam

"As someone who has worked at several camps in the past 10 years I can say that this camp is GREAT! Located on a beautifully wooded lot, great activities, excellent lunch program, and a nice, tight community of campers!

I've been working there for two years and both of my daughters attend the camp, they love it! And best of all, no more 1 hr. bus rides to camp! This place is around the corner!

Steve Mensher, AV Recording Specialist.
a.k.a 'The Ketchup Man

- Stephen Mensher

"I can’t say enough wonderful things about this camp. As a fellow Camp Director I can recognize great passion and organization by their leadership team. These two qualities trickle down into every aspect of their camp. One of my children has a severe allergy and I was very confident that his needs were being met and he was safe at AV. When I asked my kids why they liked it so much, they said two things: The counselors were amazing, and they did not feel rushed all the time. The site is beautiful and the ability for the site to offer both outdoor and in extreme heat an indoor air conditioned break was amazing. I highly recommend AV. I know when we were deciding about camp, my three kids made it very clear that they wanted to make sure that I signed them up again for 2013 at AV."

- Stephanie Rudnick

"My kids love it and as a parent I love it. Adventure Valley is an amazing place for kids to get a camp experience that blends the natural scenery surrounding the camp with the multitude of athletic programs on the property. The counselors, staff and owners are all exceptionally friendly and approachable. The facilities are clean and modern and provide all different types of activities depending on the children's interest levels. "

-David Wasserman

"I only have great things to say about this summer day camp! It provided me with experience that could be used in multiple facets of my life. As well, the facility provides one with the feeling of being far away from city-life, yet being conveniently located off of Leslie. Working on staff as a lifeguard and swim instructor, I got to experience first-hand the dedication and commitment of the leadership team . I would highly recommend Adventure Valley Day Camp to anyone! "

- Ali Berish