Enjoy the AV Camp Experience!

Top 10 Photos from Summer 2016

Each summer we take oodles and oodles of pictures, and each photo is awesome in its own way – but there will always be a few that stand out above the rest. Whether it’s the smiles, the costumes, the poses, or the facial expressions, there are some features that just make a moment undeniably and forever awesome. It was tough, but we went through all of our Summer 2016 albums and narrowed them down to our 10 favourite shots (okay… maybe a few more than 10 :D). Check them out and see if you agree!

10. Just the smiliest smiles of Roo and Kyle. What a cute couple!



9. The “I’ll never let you go” BFF pose sported by Kaylee and Jasmine.



8. This cabin caught red-handed mid-spiderweb sesh #Awww



7. Mary tried all summer long, and finally figured out how to walk on water!



6. Gravity is no match for Simba and Bahama Mama!



5. A pro balancer and an avid spectator – jealous, impressed, or just very emotionally invested??



 4. Cadence kindly held her cartwheel long enough for us to capture this perfect moment! #NailedIt



3. One, two, three, JUMP!!!



2. How could we choose? It’s gotta be 3-way tie for these epic action shots.





 1. And last but not least…this candid shot of a cabin in its natural habitat – who says chairs are just for sitting?