Top 7 Tips For Motivating First Time Campers With Anxiety

camper with anxietyWe both know your child is going to enjoy the fun and activities at Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp. It’s clear when looking at the happy faces in our gallery or looking at the fun programs we offer that Adventure Valley has all the fun your child is looking for this summer. However, unless your child has experienced our camp already, they might be nervous, anxious, or flat out tell you they don’t want to go.

Adventure Valley Day Camp specializes in making all of our campers feel welcome. That’s a part of our Happy Camper Guarantee. For those children who could have some anxiety about going to new camp, we’ve provided a few helpful tips for parents to get their children motivated for their first summer day camp experience!

summer camp vaughan1) Involve your children in the decision making process.

With Adventure Valleys “Choose Your Own Adventure” program, you and your child can work together to ensure your child is participating in the activities they want. We offer several different programs and camps that appeal to a wide array of interests.

2) Get them excited.

Talk about some of the fun activities they are going participate in and how many friends they are going to make. There is a long list of things at Adventure Valley that your child could get excited for. To help you get your children motivated for summer camp, we’ve put together a list of 7 Classic Summer Camp Movies that are perfect to watch before they visit Adventure Valley!

3) Don’t try to show your anxiety.

Sending your children to a new experience can be difficult for both children and parents. Children are able to pick up on your emotions very easily. That why it’s important to maintain a positive attitude that will rub off on your children before they come.

toronto camp friends4) Get a friend to join in.

There are likely going to be some children from your child’s school or sports teams already attending the camp. If there aren’t, it could be easier for your child to be excited for camp if they knew a friend was going with them.

5) Keep dialogue open.

Share with them some of the pictures of other children their age having fun and some of the details of the fun programs at the camp. Try showing them our top 10 photos from summer 2016! This will give them a better idea of what they can expect to experience rather than having their imaginations run wild. Encourage your children to formulate their own questions.

6) Concerns? Communicate with the camp.

If you think your child is going to be overly anxious or there are any special concerns you may have, it’s always best to disclose them with the camp staff. The staff at Adventure Valley will work with you to guarantee your child falls in love with the camp experience. Always feel free contact our staff for more information.

summer day camp toronto7) Set a countdown!

Nothing get’s kids quite as excited as a countdown. Children enjoy the anticipation of counting down towards exciting events like the holidays, the last days of school before summer, or their birthday. Making a countdown towards camp will help get them more excited for the first day at Adventure Valley.

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