Welcome Winter!

Brrr…it’s that time again! Temperatures are falling and so are gorgeous snowflakes! If you’re ready to embrace the chill, get up and hit the hills! Skiing and snowboarding are great, but what’s even better are activities even the youngest tykes can get involved in: Sledding!!! No matter where you are in the city, there’s a great tobogganing hill nearby. Here are AVDC’s top five choices:

1. Boyd Park
This conservation park is located in Woodbridge and has some great nature trails!

2. Cedarvale Park
This hill is right next to the Phil White Skating Arena: perfect for a full day of winter fun!

3. Withrow Park
This park boasts multiple sledding hills and an outdoor skating arena!

4. Riverdale Park West
<a href="https://www1 prozac drug.toronto.ca/parks/prd/facilities/complex/344/index.htm”>This one is a little farther away, but your best bet for campers looking for a steep hill (and parents looking for a safe, long, flat bottom of the hill with no trees!).

5. Linus Park (Crestview Park)
Right around the corner from AV, these hills were made for all of our romper and hopper campers – very gentle slopes in a non-crowded environment!

Have a blast and stay warm!