Why Our Campers Make Great Leaders – Youth Leadership Programs @ Adventure Valley Day Camp

Strong leadership is one of the most important qualities your child can possess. In work, school and in our own family we rely on great leaders and strive to become great ones ourselves. That’s why developing strong leadership skills is the desired outcome for all our young campers, especially the older campers enrolled in youth leadership programs at Adventure Valley.

We provide a safe and fun learning environment that can be very advantageous to both new campers and those looking to step up in a leadership role. Our head staff, group leaders, activity leaders, and members of our trainee and apprenticeship programs are all trained to bring out the best out of everyone and inspire our campers to become leaders themselves.

How Our Leaders and Campers Foster Leadership Skills Together Through Fun

youth leadership programsWhether your child is a younger camper or looking to become a camp leader themselves, there are many opportunities to develop positive leader traits. Over the course of our summer day camp your children will:

  • be encouraged to think for themselves.
  • learn to make good choices.
  • set goals and achieve them.
  • strategize and develop their own plans
  • become great problem solvers
  • learn to take responsibility
  • experience success and celebrate the success of others
  • learn to not only work in groups, but also take the lead.

Each of our summer activities and programs will encourage children to work on developing these valuable assets – all while having a blast with our fun summer activities!

Are you looking to join our Youth Leadership Programs?

Learn how you can take advantage of our opportunities at Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp. Older students (High school, College, University) can apply to become Head Staff, Group Leaders, Activity Leaders, and Swim Staff over at out our camp staff page.

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Trainee Program

Grades 7-8

Working closely with our staff, our Youth Leadership Trainee program is a great introduction to what being a leader is all about. Campers will get the opportunity to develop valuable skills and assist in some areas of the camp.

Apprenticeship Program

Grade 9

Are you looking to become a leader while earning your high school community service hours? Our Youth Leadership Apprenticeship Program will help you get your hours, while having fun, and put your foot in the door for future employment opportunities!

The Benefits of Our Youth Leadership Programs

Our Trainee program gives campers in grades 7 and 8 the opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills in a fun and safe environment. Grade 9 students enter our apprenticeship program and begin the transition from camper to staff.

Boosts Your Resume

Whether you’re applying for school or your first job, you can expect a lot of competition. Having a thin resume could also be very deflating. By showing you have the leadership skills learned at summer camp, as well as the many qualifications that come with it, you can set yourself apart from the competition. After completing our apprenticeship programs, you will become a shoe-in for future camp counselor positions.

Great Opportunities

You get to experience what being a leader is all about. You also get the opportunity to learn special skills such as standard First Aid, CPR, Bronze Medallion swimming certification, and more. Great certifications that also look great on a resume.

Boost Your Confidence

youth leadership programEvery member of our staff contributes to a safe, fun, and supportive learning environment. You will learn how to lead from people who’ve been in your shoes, and we guarantee you will get in touch with your best self! The confidence you gain from our courses can translate well in school, at home, and in future jobs!

Earn Volunteer Hours

Many Grade 9 students in Ontario are required to meet an expected amount of volunteer hours. What better way to do it by learning and having fun in our apprenticeship program?

Become A Leader This Summer!

Adventure Valley Summer Day Camp has inspired hundreds of leaders in the GTA. Our youth leadership programs help give children a brighter future. Ready to discover how amazing you can be? Discover more about our exciting opportunities at our camp staff page.

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